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14. 07. 2023: On May 30, for the first time in its history, the World Health Assembly specifically addressed the issue of rehabilitation. A resolution entitled "Strengthening Rehabilitation in Health Systems" was ... [mehr]


14. 07. 2023: On 9 May, a hearing was held at UN Headquarters in New York City in preparation for the Heads of Government Meeting on Universal Health Coverage. To ensure that rehabilitation and access to health ... [mehr]


14. 07. 2023: On June 10-11, 2018, the 3rd Global Rehabilitation 2030 Meeting of the World Health Organization was held under the theme "Rehabilitation 2030 Initiative - a call to action". Much progress was made ... [mehr]


14. 07. 2023: Am 10. und 11. Juni 2023 wurde die 3. Konferenz der WHO Initiative die „Initiative Rehabilitation 2030 – a call for action“ veranstaltet. Gegenüber der initialen Veranstaltung in 2017 konnten ... [mehr]


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