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Position Papers & Publications


  1. Egen C, Busche T, Bethge M, Bassler M, Gutenbrunner C. Is the construct of rehabilitation ability in its application by DRV and GKV marginalising? A contribution to the discussion. Rehabilitation 2024; 63(2): 72-77; DOI:

  2. Bassler M, Meyer-Olson D, Bethge M, Hoffmann W, Egen C, Gutenbrunner C. The future of health-related rehabilitation: problem areas and possible solutions for rehabilitative care in Germany. A discussion paper of the Scientific-Medical Alliance for Rehabilitation (WMAR). RP Reha 2023; 2: 39-46

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  6. Krause S. When virus meets body and soul: treatment of covid-19-associated psychosomatic disorders in medical rehabilitation. das Krankenhaus 2021; 2: 133- 135.

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